🕊️ Hnstly by Trev 🕊️

Hnstly – An Album by Trev – September 15, 2020


Originally hailing from Sin City, the 22 year old Trev is a genre blending, multi-instrumentalist now residing in New Orleans LA. Working primarily out of his bedroom studio, Trev recently released his debut album “Hnstly” in late Fall 2020. Releasing music amidst a pandemic can prove to be quite challenging, however, Trev has self-produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered all of his music since day one, and continues to surprise new and longtime listeners alike by blending and switching between a variety of genres throughout his discography. Most of which serve as reminders to stay positive, coupled with bass grooves, upbeat lyrics, and drum pockets sure to leave audiences asking for more. The easiest way to sum up Trev’s music can be found in the simplicity of his mantra. Simply put. Breathe The Music.